Who knew...

For some unknown reason, God has given me a front row seat to see His wisdom, power, compassion, and glory at work in some of the most amazing people in modern times. I have listened to the wisdom of Dr. Beverly LaHaye when interviewing her in 1993. I have sat on the front row, as a special guest of my friend Rosilyn Houston, and felt His power as Christine Caine declared His truth. Rosilyn, A superstar in her own right, is a panelist for the Propel Women Activate events and is the highest ranking female in the US for BBVA. I have experienced the tender compassion of Dr. David Jeremiah when he called my husband Frank to get updates on our son's battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I have talked quietly with Janet Huckabee on her bus as Governor Huckabee tuned up his base to join Legacy Five (a group my husband sang tenor for) on the stage at Opryland. And I have witnessed God's glory in the transformation of Joel Osteen from an obscure young man hidden beneath a baseball cap, into the powerful presence he is today. Does it sound like I'm name dropping...I'm not really. They will not remember my name. I am simply relaying how the favor of God has been poured out on a poor little girl from West Virginia. Of course, I am no longer a little girl, but my Father is still taking care of me. He is still showing me His favor. He is moving me to step out and take my place as a witness to His mercy and power. I don't attest to be anything special, only that, He has given me something to say, both for the here-and-now, and for what's to come. Join me on my journey as I venture out to answer His call. A call to change lives with the love of Christ. A call to change lives by telling Truth in Story. Thank you for your prayers of support on my upcoming books.  Libby


changing lives with truth in story